Health-Works1 creates e-learning and Training for busi-
ness and government agencies. We build custom, results-
driven e-learning solutions that help our clients reach their
goals faster. We also design and develop customized train-
ing based on collaboration with our clients to tailor solu-
tions that address their unique challenges.
What type of work do we do? We can do everything from
custom graphics and presentations, to SharePoint mobile
sites for courses.

Who we are?
We are Sr. Instructional Designers, Instructional Technolo-
gist, Training Developers and IT Trainers with years of de-
signing, developing and training experience for both children
and adults, as well as a firsthand knowledge of web-course de-
velopment and primary research toward gap analysis.
Health-Works1 also has a unique perspective because we
have experience in working with and for various govern-
mental agencies.

We work with a variety of delivery tools including Share-
Point, Captivate, Flash, and Camtasia, Instant author, Flash
and Instructor led. We are unsure which delivery method
your company uses but whatever method you use we
adapt, and most importantly contribute. As any business
we do understand and recognize that one must have the
ability to adapt quickly to the ever changing technologies
and best practices.
We are committed to the process of continuous learning not
just for our clients and their patrons, but also for our staff.
We believe everyone can learn if given the right tools.
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 Some of Our Clients

  • Securities Exchange Commission 
  • Amtrak
  • DC Public Schools
  • Mitre 
  • United States Census Bearu
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • CCI Learning 
  • DC Government 
  • United States Marshal Services 
  • National Association of Broadcasters